Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. ¿At what time is check-in or check-out?

Check-out is at 10:00 am, check-in after 13:00 pm. If you arrive at Bariloche before this time, please call us to ask if your bungalow is already available.

2. On departing day, my flight is scheduled in the afternoon... ¿can I stay in the bungalow until that time?

Check-out is at 10 am. You can leave your luggage in Reception, no charge. Late check-out, paying half rate, only in some special cases, arranging in advance.

3. I will be arriving at Bariloche late at night…

If you think you´ll arrive alter 9 pm, please let us know in advance.

4. ¿Can I take my dog?

Sorry, no pets allowed under any circumstance.

5. ¿What do I have to take?

Bungalows include cooking utensils, sheets and towels. Just bring your personal belongings.

6. I travel without a car… ¿how can I get around in Bariloche?

Local buses in and out of town go right past our door, every 20 minutes. Taxis available too.

7. ¿What do I need to know regarding my car in winter conditions?

Bungalows have no under-cover parking. Nevertheless, snow doesn´t harm your car. Please check if you have a good battery.

8. ¿Do I have laundry service nearby?

You have laundry service in town, 2 km. away.

9. ¿How do I book my reservation?

If you don´t live in Argentina, please ask us by e-mail how we can arrange your reservation.

10. ¿Can I pay by credit card?

Sorry, we don´t accept credit cards.

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